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Make it work! For ten to twelve year olds

A teaching pack on repairing electrical and electronic devices


Have you ever wondered why so many electronic devices end up on landfill? It's time to raise awareness and take responsibility for our handling of these precious devices. Discover 'Make it work!' a teaching pack in collaboration with European project Sharepair that has been specially designed to inspire and sensitize pupils about the importance of repairing electrical and electronic devices.

What's in the teaching pack?

The teaching pack contains general background information, two lessons and three activity sheets. The activities outlined in these sheets can be carried out either as an initial stimulus or introduction to the teaching pack or as an additional activity.

  1. Substantive and didactic background information
  2. Two ready-made lessons
  3. Three activity sheets to deepen your knowledge

Ideally, the teaching pack is combined with other lessons and activities on sustainability, technology and reducing consumption, such as a campaign to collect discarded mobile phones and other electronic devices, a project to raise awareness on waste or the organizing of a Repair Café at school.

“Restore old smartphones instead of throwing them away? I think that's a good idea, because the environment is important. And it costs less money to repair an old smartphone than to buy a new one.”

Student Don Bosco Heverlee School during the trial lessons for Sharepair.

Together we Make it Work!

Would you rather get started with the separate lessons and activities? You can download them one by one here.

Did you know ...

The Make it Work pack has been developed for both Belgium and the Netherlands and for primary and secondary education and are available in 2 additional languages: French and English.

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