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About Djapo

For more than 50 years, Djapo has been committed to societal innovation for children and young people. But why exactly do we do that? And which people are on our team? You can read it here.

Team Djapo

The Djapo team includes educational experts, communications staff and strategy specialists. Every day, we work side by side to give ESD the place it deserves.

Our vision on ESD

The challenges in our society are becoming increasingly complex and urgent. There is a need for education that allows children and young people to develop the abilities to deal with this societal complexity.

About our projects

Djapo is a partner of several (European) projects on ESD and GCE. Would you like more info?

Our history

Djapo is a pioneering ship. Always on the move, from the very beginning. Curious about our route? Continue reading!

Sustainable development: term full of meaning

Sustainable development is a catch-all term for numerous interpretations. To facilitate dialogue, we have written down our views on it.

Policy and governance

As Djapo is a non-profit organisation, its governance is in the hands of a governing body. Find out who is on our board and what our mission is.

"In school, you can slow down, reflect. That's how people learn to deal with complex problems and take positions."

Katrien Van Poeck
Centre for Sustainable Development UGent

Partnership with KIYO

Together with KIYO, Djapo submitted a five-year joint programme to the Directorate General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD). What unites? Our will to build a sustainable, social and just society and a great openness to learn from each other.

Integrity violations hotline

We consider any activity that violates our core values to be a potential integrity violation. If you notice such a breach, you can report it through our hotline.