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Djapo wishes that all children and young people can consciously and actively help create a just and sustainable society.


Djapo is pedagogical-didactical expert, pioneer and partner in sustainable development. We work together with the broad field of education and everyone who gives children and young people a place within social transition. Dialoguing, learning together, experimenting, underpinning determines our DNA.

The board

Geert Phlix, chairman

Roger Lynen, board member

Bert Massa, board member

Dirk Timmermans, board member

Jan Van Hout, board member

Marc Ulburghs, board member

Laureen Clef, board member

Annual reports

Curious about what Djapo achieved last year? Dive into our annual report 2022. Looking for an earlier edition? You can find it on our Issuu page. Please note that all reports are only available in Dutch (for now).

Evaluation of our former DGD programme

Read more about the evaluation of our previous DGD programme 2017-2021: Integrating Education Sustainable Development (ESD) into education. Connecting North & South.

Our values

Djapo aims to create a working environment that ensures integrity for all and under all circumstances. Our core values give us direction and guidance in this regard.