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Your partner in ESD and GCE

Are you looking for an expert in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCE)? A partner who combines the latest scientific insights with two feet firmly planted in educational practice? Djapo is the right partner for you!

Working with Djapo

The past decades ESD and GCE have grown into fully-fledged research domains. Within these, Djapo bridges the gap between scientific research and classroom practice, testing innovative principles and methodologies against the daily reality of teachers and schools.

We do this both in Belgium and abroad.

Our vision

In the theoretical framework 'The school as a place for practice', we emphasise the right to the school as a training ground where children and young people can develop through social issues. Based on this vision, we want to challenge children and young people through education to look at global challenges in a different way.

Wondering what we can do for you?

Why join forces with Djapo?

Seasoned team

Our experienced educational developers and supervisors provide you with pedagogical clout.

Strong substructure

At Djapo, we offer you a particularly grounded view of how ESD contributes to quality education.

Extensive network

You benefit from a wide network within the education sector where we can check our vision and research.

Taken care of from A to Z

With our rich experience in project management and process supervision, we unburden you throughout the collaboration.