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About our organization

Djapo is an educational organization that collaborates with the education sector to empower children and young people to help shape the world. What exactly does that entail? And who are our main partners? Continue reading!

Expert, pioneer and partner in ESD

How do children and young people learn to deal with societal challenges such as climate change, social justice and human rights? Djapo believes in the potential of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). We start from authentic societal issues and let children and young people zoom in, zoom out, reflect, engage in dialogue and look ahead. In this way, they strengthen their ability to help shape the world.

Part of a larger ecosystem

We collaborate with different actors:

  • Together with teachers and schools from preschool, primary and secondary education as well as teachers from teacher training colleges we explore how they can work on societal issues in the classroom. In doing so, we alternately take on the role of facilitator, advisor and expert:
    • We develop pedagogical frameworks, teaching methods and teaching materials.
    • We guide schools through coaching, training and process supervision.
    • We advise school teams and principals on how to integrate ESD into their school operations.
  • We collaborate with transition actors: companies, governments, organizations and individuals who are working on a societal change and are looking for a pedagogical application of their vision or actions, so that it can be used in education.
  • We reflect on education policy and use our practical experience to contribute to the latest scientific insights on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), world citizenship education and thinking education.

Thanks to this combination of theory, practice and policy, Djapo occupies a unique and connecting position in the education field.

Discover our annual report

Below is the latest annual report. That one is only available in Dutch though, unfortunately.

With the support of ...

Djapo is recognised as an NGO by the Belgian Development Cooperation.

The opinions expressed by our organisation do not necessarily reflect those of the Belgian State and in no way bind the latter (author: DGD).

Djapo receives financial support for its overall operation from 11.11.11, the umbrella organization of international solidarity in Flanders. 

We received support for some specific projects.

City of Leuven

Djapo receives financial support from the city of Leuven for its general operation. We also work closely with Leuven 2030.

European Language Label

The European Language Label is an initiative of the European Commission to promote foreign language teaching in European Union member states.


The School For Rights and Children's Rights Schools pathway counselling programmes come about thanks to a unique partnership between six children's rights organizations. Together, we promote children's rights in Belgian schools.

City of Ghent

Djapo receives financial support from the city of Ghent for its general operation.